Is BFD Horsepower supposed to have a bottom snare channel?

The mixer shows 2 snare tops and a side, but no bottom snare channel. I thought I read in another post somewhere that there is a bug? Just trying to confirm.

The Oblivion expansion has the same particularity. The Mapex Brass Snare has 2 top channels and one “side” but no bottom. I think it’s on purpose.

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If you look at the BFDInfo.xml for Pure Kit/Low Snare Stick On, it has chanType=“dirSnare” for “Snare Top”, “Snare Top 2”, and “Snare Side”.

And for reference, chanType=“ambient” includes L and R for “OH”, "Room:, and “Amb3”, and mono for “Side Kit”, “FX Mic”, and “Trash Mic”.

So, in short, there is no bottom mic for that particular snare.

Thanks. What is the difference between the Low/High Snare?

Same snare, different tunings and dampening.

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