Installing BFD§ without reinstalling the library

Every time the License Manager has a problem and I have to install BFD again, it downloads the library again. Which takes hours. Macbook Pro, M1 Pro 2021.

It would be much less hassle to just point to the existing libraries on an external drive. Now I seem only to be able to point to the path AFTER a reinstall/new install.

You need to remove the downloads from the license manager downloads tab, then it wont’ want to check or validate them every time you open it. Keeping them on an external drive is the way to go, but even then, if you downloaded them to that location, it will still want to do the checks until you remove them from the downloads tab on the manager, click the ‘x’ and get rid of them. Keep your downloads backed up somewhere else.

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Ah, thank you! Should have thought of that. Maybe a hint would help dummies like me?

and loads of us when we had that problem too :slight_smile: