Installed preset locations

I’m on Mac / Monterey / M1 / Mac Studio - first time BFD installation (on this machine)

I have just done a fresh install and Jazz and Funk, Sleishman Drums and snares and Jazz Maple expansions don’t show any kits or presets available to load??? Where are these factory kits and presets installed on Mac after a standard working installation? I would like to check and see if the kit and preset files were ever installed from the beginning.

By the way… I have ALL of my BFD factory content and expansions installed on 1 SSD external drive in 1 folder, if that helps…

Thanks guys and gals…

Default path on mac is users>username>Documents>BFD Drums

I have had issuses in the past with presets/kits etc not showing up and i moved all of the presets to this folder and they showed up after that:

Library>Application Support > BFD Drums

I also have all the content on a seperate drive.

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@Pugs I frequently have issues with presets not being installed at all. If you check user and system locations and neither have presets installed for those expansions, right-click on the expansion installer packages and navigate to the presets folder within and drag it to the user location. Then re-scan user content paths. I keep all of my presets there, except the stock presets which did get installed in the system location.

Thanks FB for commenting and trying to help. I’ve been going back and forth a bit with a very supportive team at in music but their solution is to keep uninstalling and reinstalling but it just doesn’t help. In the case of Sleishnsn Drums and Jazz & Funk, custom maple, each installer failed to install any kits or presets. InMusic really doesn’t want to believe this which is frustrating. I’ve been working in digital audio for over 20 years and know how to install an expansion. I was one of BFD’s earliest customers and have stayed with them because I love the drums! I will do as you suggest and see if I can find any files for kits and presets and move them into existing folders. Kinda wish they would spend some time over at Native Instruments or Toontrack to see how easy this install and digital rights thing can be.

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Thanks Dangersmith! I will do that and see if it helps. I was trying to have a completely clean installation that would not give me any trouble but it looks like loving BFD is to love “tinkering”


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inMusic doesn’t want to believe a lot of things unfortunately.

Indeed, I’ve had to tinker a fair bit to get it how I want it, I really cannot understand why it has to be so difficult at times.

Support has been responsive even though I had to go around to different folders and move stuff by hand. I really do want to publicly tell everyone that my experience was good and they ARE trying to help, so thanks to the support team it means a lot. They are basically dealing with an antiquated system that CAN work but often has problems and quirks. Still, I love the BFD sounds and really want the product to flourish and grow. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone, I’m gonna go make some music!!!