Installation confusion

Hi guys,

I’m struggling to get BFD installed and working so hoping to get some help please.
I’ve downloaded BFD3 and the expansions. Partly what’s confusing me is the download and install. Are they effectively the same thing? I download the expansions then click on the install button from the license manager and I appear to be getting duplicate content.

So, if I click on the “Horsepower” directory for that expansion I have both Installer and Audio directories. Under the Installer directory I have a Payload directory which has an Audio directory and all of the kits. but I see the same thing if I just click on the audio directory. These just look like duplictates of the same content. I am I correct? If so, how can I avoid this happening and can I delete the Audio directory and leave the Payload directory with the Audio directory inside that?

Hope this makes sense and appreciate any help.



Please disregard the above post. I’ve just found newer install info from InMusic which explains the download/install process, so I now know once the expansions are installed I can delete the installer!


Welcome Colin. Glad you figured it out. Just in case you didn’t know, when you do run any of the BFD installers you should close the LM before proceeding.