Instaling problems

My Pc (Win 8,1 pro) is broken so I get a new computer and it’s a Mac Studio with macOS Monterey. I migrated from BFD to inMusic and downloaded the BFD License Manager. All my products are authorized now (a lot) but I can not install anything. I start the installation and then comes “your LM needs to be updated, bla bla”, okay I closed LM and BFD runs the installing and seams to be correct. But in the program folder BFD3 has 168 KB and most of the files are in the trash. ??? What I’m doing wrong? Please help me out, thanx very much, oh, and sorry I´m from Austria and my english is not . . . . . .

I´ve been trying to download the Core Libraries for BFD 3, Horsepower, and The London Sessions for 3 months now. Support keeps telling me it´s my computer, or my connection. I just finished a 22 city tour, BFD 3 was still not downloading, so I bought Toontrack Superior Drummer 3. It has an over 230 GB Core Library, and downloaded on my computer in less than 20 minutes with no problem. I am really wondering how many others are having my problem. I went through a lot of what you went through with it saying “The License Manager needed to be updated, but it was already running”, etc. So, I would quite the License Manager, download it again, install it, and I still couldn´t download the Core Libraries. The License Manager runs for 9 to 12 GB´s, and then stalls, and won´t download anymore. It´s been doing this for months, and everyone from support says it must be a computer, or network problem. Yet, I was able to download over 230 GB´s of the Toontrack Superior 3´s Core Library in about 20 minutes. I´m confused!!!
Hope you get things worked out.


I‘m confused too, but the thing I have lots of expansion packs and BFD3 sounds good. But installation was always a little bit of a hassle, anyway, how much is Toontrack and it‘s running good?

What I don‘t understand is that the LM show me BFD3 is installed and authorized and that with a few KB of programsize with most of the files in the trash - a dream becomes true - I‘m sure it‘s not the computer cause cubase 12 pro, hofa, etc. is native running, maybe macOSX, but that‘s I think 1 year old, we will see.

I hope someone can help me out

Thank you and all the best DiCarlo


With me, it took days to download BFD 3. Then they gave a free expansion, so I took Horsepower. It downloaded pretty fast. Then I was offered The London Sessions, because I previously had BFD 2. BFD 3 worked for a while, and sounded good. But, the moment I downloaded The London Sessions, nothing worked, and I was forced to delete everything. Since then I can’t download anything. The License Manager stops before every download is completed. Toontracks cost me 428€, because I bought the SSD Drive with the 230+ GB Core Library, because I thought my computer would have the same problem downloading the files. As it turned out, I could have saved the money, because the 230+ GB files downloaded in 20 minutes. I have a 2 year old very fast iMac, and a very fast internet connection. Never had problems downloading anything before, and I do mixing and mastering for a living, and am constantly downloading and uploading huge files.