inMusic servers down? Can't authorize

Got unauthorized and have tried everything to re-authorize. Logged out of LM and inMusic, closed LM, opened LM, Logged in to inMusic, re-installed BFD3 and LM again, Mac Restart, etc. LM appears to authorize successfully, but Status remains, Not authorized (in red). This has happened to me before, but not in a long while.

This sucks man… totally kills the vibe. I was just about to pull some drums up and do a little much needed jamming to take a load off, but alas BFD3 and inMusic continues to be a mess. C’mon man, this is not acceptable for the amount of money we spend on these products. Like, I post about the sales and all because I want BFD to live, but it makes it hard to recommend these products in good faith.


So today I opened up LM and everything is fine and BFD3 is working. You know, if inMusic is going to be doing maintenance on their servers, or have scheduled downtimes, they should at least send a courtesy email to BFD3 users, as this software is unfortunately forced to call home to function.

If I was working on a client’s session, I’d be screwed. Well not totally screwed as I have other software I can use, but that would totally screw up my workflow and set me back.


Me too, I don’t want to give up BFD, but its maintenance is really poor


Same here, this is seriously frustrating. I regret buying this product. Currently looking for alternatives that support 100% offline mode.