inMusic Instrument and Content Survey

Complete this survey and receive a coupon code for $15 off inMusic brands software.

I couldn’t type this fast enough. :smirk:



My advice to what inMusic can do:

Remove the once every 90-days online reauthorization scheme for BFD 3 (and future versions). Return to a simple challenge/response system with the option of offline authorization. The software itself is exceptional. The authorization scheme is abysmal. It’s a one-ton cement block tethered to the ankle of a world-class swimmer.


See how many questions there are about subscriptions?

Sigh :frowning:


Yes, there were 2 questions that I answered no, and then it asked how much money I would be willing to pay for a subscription, to which I replied “Not a cent.” These are the moments when I wish I could express myself better in English… :unamused:


Sadly, if I were inMusic looking to increase profits, I wouldnt pay any attention to us saying “not a penny”, I’d be looking at those who are willing to pay, and how much they’ll give.

It would appear the writing is on the wall.

Writing is on the wall. IF you can’t see them doing an AVID soon you are very blind

Well, there’s the income question too, and I’ve made a hilarious one-two boo-boo by answering less than 20k (what kind of k?) and no to subscription. They’re probably going to print out my survey and pass it around for laughs. :rofl:

I forgot about the Subs questions, though I somehow don’t think they will attempt subscriptions with BFD.

You’re already on a subscription, every 90 days. Its already called a subscription style authorisation system, also known as a free subscription.

If inMusic starts charging small monthly amounts for expansion packs or software, I dont know why they would make a special case for BFD. Its ideally suited to micro transactions for that snare you wanted, or those midi grooves by that drummer you like.

EDIT: Re-reading the questionaire with the above in mind, my interpretation is that its asking ‘how much can we ask for, how often, and what do we have to provide in return and how often, and how many of you would be willing to go for it?’.


I kinda like the sound of that. This has potential. :laughing:

… to be monetised.

Well I filled it in for whatever good that will do. Pity there’s literally nothing I would use that $15 on at inMusic.