InMusic account - not receiving activation email

I just purchased BFD3 and downloaded the license manager. I created my InMusic account but I am not receiving the activation email. I tried the resend option and nothing. I double checked the email address is correct and the emails are not in my spam folder. Any way to get this fixed so I can register and install the software?

Are you logged into the the licence manager?

I’m pretty sure if you’re logged in and you’ve paid for BFD3 it should appear on the left side of the licence manager along with the core library. You just have to click on them to download them and his the play button which will take you to their folder, from there you have to run the installers for both BFD3 and it’s core library.


I downloaded and installed the license manager. It asked to create an InMusic account, which I did but I can’t activate the account because i’m not receiving the email to activate it. If I try to login to Inmusic it’s telling me the account was not activated and asks to resend the email. I’ve tried the resend option 4-5 times and no email.

Have you checked your spam folder?


I have. I opened a support ticket on the InMusic website and I got an auto-reply that said this:

Thank you for reaching out to us today!

Please note, we are experiencing technical problems with our inMusic Backstage portal that is preventing our users from registering their products and downloading certain software titles.

Might be related. I’ll wait to hear back from them.

Ahh, I too am suffering the same fate it seems.
Although I’ve been able to authorise BFD3 and it’s library I can’t autyorise any of my expansion kits.

Hopefully they’ll have sobered up by tomorrow.



This licence checking shit is shit. Utterly dumb.

I haven’t even got that far yet. I can’t login to the license manager and enter my BFD3 serial key since the InMusic site is not emailing me my verification email for the account. A bit disappointed I can’t try my new purchase now, but hopefully it’ll be fixed tomorrow.

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Hey, did you fix your problem? Because I have this issue: email verification does not come to me with a license I wanted to update yesterday. It is very odd… Gosh, I wish there would be verification by SMS.

I had a similar issue but with telegram. I needed to receive sms telegram code but the system did not accept it, I do not know why.

By googling the internet I was advised to use a specially created for these purposes online tool. Maybe we should do the same for BFD3 since a lot of users have these problems? I mean, to add verification code by number inside the EU zone?

I ended up opening a ticket with InMusic support and they got my account activated. I went to and clicked on Contact Us to open a ticket.

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