Individual Kit Pieces

Hi there,

I noticed that only one of my kits actually shows the individual kit pieces available in BFD3. Can someone guide me to the folder path or let me know what I need to do locate them in BFD. It seems that the download only really takes care of the Docs folder but not so much the Library folder.

Also, my Library side seems messy to me. Can someone layout the Library folder path on a mac.
This could be helpful for me.

And of course, where and how to get the individual drums paths to show up in BFD.


Are you talking about an expansion pack or the BFD3 core library?

If you could post a screen shot of your data paths that might help.

The best way to have your library set up is to have a master/mother folder, mine is called BFD Drums but you can called whatever you like.

Inside that folder, I have the BFD3 folder Core library and then I have individual folders for all my other expansion kits.

If you have a spare drive that you can dedicate to drum samples, and if that drive is an SSD, even better.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for your response!
I just found a tutorial on installing BFD software and the audio content.
I hadn’t seen these instructions prior.

I think I will go ahead and uninstall, delete the audio contents as they are in both my Library/ BFDInstallSystem Folder and also in my Documents folder.
I am going to go through the instructions and try this whole process again.
Having the instructions should help but I will report back as soon as I have made some progress.


Okay, so I decided NOT to delete and start over.
I did get rid of my Install folder with all the kits.

My Library folder has the Kits and Presets
My Documents folder has the Audio Content and grooves

I included the BFD3 Kicks so you can see that I don’t have most of the individual kicks available.


Well, the solution is right in front of me in the BFD3 GUI.
I didn’t realize I had PROCESSED selected and so that is why I couldn’t see the other drum pieces.

It’s only been almost 2 days but I feel like I can put my OCD on the shelf and do something else today.