Inconsitent volume on hits

  • **BFD Version - v.3.4.4

  • **Steps to Reproduce - create grooves with snare hits at same velocity. Turn off Groove FX. Export song to individual drum outputs. Import audio tracks into Cubase.

  • **Expected Result - level of snare hits on audio should be the same

  • **Actual Result - some hits are audibly quieter than others, and this can be seen in the render of the audio track in Cubase.

  • **Reproducibility - export song a second time into different files. Import the second files into Cubase. Comparing the two (what in theory should be identical) audio tracks, the hits are of different volumes - on the second import the hits that are quieter are different to the quieter hits on the first import - there is no consitency in volume of hits even between the two exports. I want a consistent volume of hits, but the difference in voulme is quite audible - a slight variation would be ok (via Groove FX) but the variation is quite big.

  • Additional Notes:

  • Link to Video Repro:

Groove FX is off alright, but what about your AMG settings? (Not Mercedes AMG, the anti machine gun mode on the top dashboard.)

Hi - yes, AMG is on and set to 20%. I turned it off and re-exported the snare - the volume variation is still there - it’s about a 10db difference between identical hits.

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