Impossible to use BFD3

On my PC, now, when I launch BFD3 in stand alone mode or in plug-in mode, it asks me to open the LMng… I do that. The LMng recovers all my current licences after online login process (BFD3 and some extensions) but nothing happens on BFD3. I stll have a black windows with a message in Yellow who asks me to re-openr le Lmng…; BFD3 is now impossible to use on my PC …

Try logging out of the licence manager then closing it, now log in to your in music profile manually and then open the Licence Manager again.

The close both and open BFD3.

I’m assuming you’re running the latest versions for both?


Thank you very much for your answer, it is very sympathetic… But, i am disappointed because your process doesn’t succeed on my PC. Yes I logged out in the Lmng and I “log in” in my Inmusic profile (manually as you mention) but when I open again my Lmng, it asks me again to log via inmusic … it doesn’t takie account that I am currently logged… and after the process is the same as before with BFD3 which refuse start considerintg that i am not “logged”. I precise that Lmng recognizes all my licenses everytime… I really don’t understand what happens !

Are you sure your running the latest versions of each, the LM and BFD?

Have you tried this with both the standalone and vsti versions of BFD, just in case one triggers the system more than the other?

Def make sure youre on the latest versions of both the LM and BFD tho.

Yes i use last versions and the trouble is the same in stand alone or plug in mode… i send this thread after a lot of tests ! I may send you some pictures but I don’t know how to proceed on this forum to do that… my mail is music, if you think it is possible to pursue this exchange with some pictures to highlight my troubles…

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Have you tried uninstalling both licence manager and BFD3?

You don’t need to uninstall the core library, just the BBFD3 software.

Are you on windows or a mac?


No… I just downloaded the last version and install it… I suppose it replaces previous one … if you think it is better to firstly uninstall all, could you just explain to me the process iHave to do ?

I honestly don’t think there’s anything to be gained through an uninstall of either BFD3 or the LM.

On a Mac, an uninstall is just deletion of the old software. I don’t know how it works on a PC.

Yup… On a mac. And once again BDF won’t open. The message this time:

"BFD has been disabled because

An unknown error occurred

Please re-install BFD3 to resolve and contact BFD Drums tech support"

Now I have contacted BDF Drums tech support many times. I did hear back once… several weeks after I attempted to contact them. That’s the only time I’ve ever heard from them.

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Yes… the main problem is the silence of Inmusic support ! I never saw that with all others soft providers …

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After new uninstall and install… i recover my BFD3 ! But i still be afraid by the Inmusic support… yesterday i tried to send a new message, a ticket, the web site refuses to send my message ! If Toontrack sales its SD3, i think i will switch…

Try sending your support requests to,


Thank you… i will try

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I think I’d seen a few posts where people claimed that uninstalling the LM and then re-installing t fixed whatever the problem was but it’s a haphazard fix akin to, ‘have you tired turning it off and on again’ I know. :slight_smile:


Now that works correctly…

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20 characters of Yay!

Do you mean reinstalling worked or the support email address?


Bfd3 works again and i just receive my first answer from inmusic… it is just a warning message telling me that I will receive technical answers in a future one…

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New user here who can’t post a new topic yet. Since the migration to Inmusic, I’m on a new machine and NOTHING works. I’m on the latest versions of license manager and BFD 3. When I start either stand alone or plugin, it tries to scan for content for a few minutes, then crashes. As a result I’ve hit a brick wall on a job on a deadline. Anyone else find a solution? I’m on a mac, 10.15.7. Many thanks

Did you import settings and content? Try uninstalling completely, and then reinstall without importing anything. Just, a bare install, no imports, no Add BFD2 Paths, and with just the latest BFD3 content. You’ll have an opportunity to move over your old FXpansion content once you’re up and running.

Then, add and scan each expansion individually. When that’s done, manually copy your old FXpansion presets, kits and grooves over as needed.