Importing MIDI files from Maschine 2

Hello, I’m new to the forum and I’ve been browsing trying to find a solution to my problem, but have yet to come across one.

I just purchased BFD3 and I’m trying to take the midi from one of the drum patterns in my track and place it inside of BFD3. As mentioned in the title, I’m using maschine 2 from native instruments.

When I drop the midi into BFD3 it promts me to choose an import midi map. Unfortunately, none of the available options have worked for me?

It simply will not register any data. Is there anyone who could assist me with this issue?

Welcome. Some more info would help. It’s not clear; are you doing this with the stand-alone versions of BFD and Maschine or are you inside a DAW. If so, which DAW and version. What operating system? What versions of BFD and Maschine?

Importing with GM keymap should get you some sound at least? Is the imported MIDI visible in the groove editor page, but just not outputting audio?

Drum Machines/Multipads are not always mapped as Drum Kits…Multipads are an extension/addition to a drum kit and typically mapped accordingly,Mulitpad Drum machines usually in numerical order outside the GM Standard.
Maschine default mapping (Hardware and Software) should be MIDI Notes 60-75…Left to Right…Bottom to Top…

I created a MIDI Map (with image) for Native Instruments - MASCHINE to help you get started.
Copy to…C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System\Maps.(Windows)
I do not know the location for newer macOS or if it has changed. (I do have a High Sierra machine…don’t fire it up very often).It may be at …Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD3/System/Maps…

Cymbals are mapped to BOW…
Toms are mapped 2 up…2 Down
RIM - is mapped to Snare Rim…
The remaining MIDI notes are not standard kit pieces and you’ll need to map accordingly…to either a Kit Piece/articulation or create additional Percussion Slots…

CLAP - 65
PERCUSSION Tambourine - 75
You can remap Maschine to a General MIDI Map or to any other mapping including the Default Map for BFD3.
I believe in Maschine it’s referred to as Zones/Zone Mapping.
If you plan on creating MIDI Files for use in other instruments/software you may want to consider mapping Maschine to GM Standard.The majority of Software etc usually have a GM Map available.
I don’t know if Maschine itself will import it’s own kits/expansions and convert to the new mapping or if it does it on export.
That’s something you’ll need to research.

Brief Instructions for assigning MIDI notes in this post
More Information…
Help > Launch Online Manual > MIDI Key and Automation Mapping > MIDI key Maps

If you are using the Maschine 2.0 software you should be able to load Drum Vst plugin in Maschine

Mapping Notes to Pads at starts 1:48…
You should then map to BFD3 MIDI Mapping and see if exported MIDI File can then be played in BFD3 selecting BFD3 Default MIDI Map…or if Maschine only exports with it’s default mapping.
I don’t have the Hardware anymore or the software installed at the moment so am unable to check/test.

Help > Launch Online Manual > BFD3 Key Map Reference