Imperial Drums and possibly Modern Retro expansion packs function unexpectedly

Hello BFDr’s

Not sure if this is a bug as I’m not technically minded - here goes.

Imperial Drums.

In browser all kit pieces available - Tom and Cym are not available individually from slot eg.

Click Tom in browser (78) shown -floor (0) -high (0) -mid (0)

Selecting high, mid, floor none are shown in browser for access.

Cymbal selection is the same - all 30 are available. But none in individual category.

From blank start point.

selection either tom, crash1, or ride in mixer brings up nothing in browser for selection. Cymbal 1 brings up all in browser

All kits load ok. All presets load ok.

Modern Retro.

Please excuse my ignorance on this one.

Presets CHREM 00 Basic Sonar and Basic Tama only bring up mixer mic channels - I’m not 100% for the use of these two presets.

I’m not sure if there is actually a problem with the Imperial Drums expansion or if that’s the way the original pack was done.

Frustrating more than anything.

Anyone any ideas or know how on these issues.

All tried stand alone - but from quick trial all seems to be the same in cubase.

(Windows 10 1909 - crap machine etc)


Do you know when your new 3X system is arriving?

I’m inclined to suggest waiting until you have everything set up because a) most of your issues might be due to your current computer and b) you may find you have lots of new problems setting up BFD3 on your new system when you get it.

I’ll check Chocolate audio and Modern Retro when I get home but I’m pretty sure it’s all wrong as it should.


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Hi Steve.

Yeah - I’m leaning towards it being a windows and this crap machine issue, but not 100%.

Got at least another 4 weeks to wait for the new build all being well.

When I eventually get it my first priority is just to get cubase, reason, and ableton running before I load any of these extras in.

I’m not showing any major problems at present with the current bfd licence manager and the program as a whole - it’s all workable - to a fashion - at the minute, so fingers crossed.

Can’t wait until all the bfd troubles are well and truly behind us all.


As far as the Modern Retro, IIRC those presets have always been like that, either a bug in the preset or they are like that for some purpose, if the latter the purpose escapes me :slight_smile: . The relevant Basic Sonar and Tama Kits do work though and can be loaded. There are shed loads of presets that do work OK so I never thought much about it

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Hi operandx


It’s not any problem with the Modern Retro presets, and as you say there are loads of presets. It just seemed strange to have only mic channels in the mixer.

It’s very rare I use presets - of any kind - it just jumped straight in the face on load up.

I tend to build all my kits from scratch from a cross section of packs. I look for, and try, different kit pieces against the piece being written. If it fits it’s used, if it don’t - we just move on until we find what we’re reasonably happy with until final mixdown.