I'm sorry... BFD is going wrong for me. Please help

First, I opened it a few days ago and my grooves have 80% vanished. There are maybe twelve folders showing in the sidebar. I rescanned the content paths to no avail. I don’t believe I have done anything to change the content but this has happened anyway.

When I examine the location on my external where I believe this was all stored I find some folders I have Jacques Mathias and Platinum Samples, each of which contain other folders with grooves. Is this the entirety of the content? I realise I have no way of knowing.

Is there an image somewhere of what these folders should look like and contain?

I resorted to reinstalling BFD.3.4 in an attempt get it working properly and now the window doesn’t open at all in Ableton. When I open BFD on a track the window flashes up small for a second then… nothing. This is a new development, and it makes me want to just trash everything and start over. Can I uninstall and start over? Right now it’s unusable because I cant even see the plugin!

I would LOVE BFD to run completely fresh on my system. The only expansion I have is horsepower. I dont need my old BFD2 kits or anything like that. I just want it to be like a new product. Is this possible? I feel like I have BFD data scattered everywhere across my laptop and external. BFD3 has generally worked really well for me for ages. I dont use it often but I’ve always been able to just open it and get working.

Im on Mac M!, Sonoma 14.2

any help appreciated. Thanks.