I would love to somehow obtain the missing samples for London Sessions

Hello! Is there anyway Im able to obtain the samples missing from London sessions? I don’t mind if there is coughing, or squeaking etc… those imperfections make it that much more real.

Do you own the expansion pack? You can just download them from the license manager?

No, they removed a fair amount of samples they deemed faulty from the original library. So the version out now is different from the original. Personally I don’t mind “faulty” samples depending on what they are. I enjoy the imperfections.

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Also, to clarify I do own the expansion.

Oh I didn’t know that, when did that take place? I can’t even remember how old that pack is or when I bought it.

I’m not sure, I just saw Drew mention it in a post somewhere in this forum. The expansion itself though is old. I think it’s what the BFD2 core library was.
When I bought it I felt like some stuff was missing, a lot of snares only had like 30-40 center hits but in old advertisements it says they’re 90-127 velocity layers.

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I have the original discs…

Give me an example and I will check the velocity levels for you…

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