I haven't had a de-authorizing problem in over 3 months

I just realized, the last build release date was Oct 26 of last year and it’s been over 3 months and the LM hasn’t de-authorized my libraries, or signed me out. The LM, BFD3 Standalone and AAX plugin have all been working fine.

The only issue I’ve had since the last build install, was the LM showing my content wasn’t up to date, even it all was. Still, BFD3 recognized and played all my content. I’ve since figured out where that info was stored, edited the .plst file and now all my content shows as up to date in the LM.

So, there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

System Specs:

Mac Pro 2009 5,1/Xeon 6-Core
24GB RAM, NVMe SSD storage
macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
BFD - build
LM -
Pro Tools 2021.6


I’m just going back through all my old stuff (with BFD3), and I have to say - I haven’t had any problems (that I can tell, or has stopped any projects).

Up to now I’ve checked around 30 albums and all have loaded up correctly? apart from one cymbal, but that ion it’s self was not a problem as I just changed it (I didn’t document the cymbal name).

I’ve had the odd problem of - every now and then - of ride cymbal choking, but not been able to replicate it on any second run through of the project or projects.

Also, I’ve shown no problem with LM. Only once being asked to authorise, and that went 100%.

I’m on Windows 10 latest, or last build before Windows 11 (I’m not going there at present).

Running Cubase 11.

I don’t run stand alone, so I can’t report any problems.

I just feel sorry for all the folks who are having problems that I’m not able to help with.

If possible - keep the faith


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@Fender_Bender, thanks appreciate the note. Had to resort to other means for my specific issues and it’s reminded me of exactly what I miss about BFD. Just about to start a new project, wrestling with “fool me once, fool me twice…” :slight_smile: and noting we’re coming up on a year since the relaunch (wow!) Would be -really- nice to hear an official update and what might be expected…

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Same, I was over 90 days a while back and posted about it I think. Good to see others are over the 90 day hump too.

However, I’m only using my online machine to test, offline might be another matter. I guess I’m gonna have to install BFD on my offline machine soon to test.

Ugh, thats not somethiing I’m looking forward to.

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No problem. I just figured it was worth mentioning here, the smooth sailing I’ve been enjoying. I am at the point though, when I’m going to have to take the plunge on a macOS upgrade. Nothing big, just a jump up to Mojave, but I’m expecting to have to do some work to get not just BFD, but a bunch of other software that will have issues after an OS install.

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I was trying to keep my Mac offline a while back, to see if that would trigger the LM to call home, but lately I’ve had WiFi turned on. I’ll have to remember to try and stay offline and see if I can get de-authorized. I kinda just want to see how it behaves and whether it’s a simple process to make the LM happy again.

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On Windows here, looking at a new project that will once again not have a reliable internet access (if at all). Booking 2-3 weeks and while it appears the “time out” period has been extended, there’s still no telling when you get hit with a “reauthorization” hammer. Can pretty much bet it will be within 2-3 days of going off grid :slight_smile:

Sticking with an alternate for now, but definitive guidelines for managing access would have been helpful. Like:

  • The ability to proactively reset the clock to confirm a known good block of useful access.
  • The ability to “reauthorize” all kits at the same time on all valid installations.
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Seriously. I’ll reauth every 90 days, but let me proactively reauth earlier at my convenience. That would go a long way. I can’t see why BFD wouldn’t go for that.


Just had my first de-authorisation. Can’t remember when the last one was (a very long time ago).

Couldn’t open the BFD3 plugin in Cubase 11 as it stated log in to Inmusic etc.

Logged in on the screen shown. All shut down.

On re opening everything - LM shows everything authorised.

After the initial shock of the Cubase crash - all went fantastic.

One note though - and I can’t confirm it.

Everything went apeshit in Cubase yesterday. Couldn’t open it (Cubase that is). Then when it was open I couldn’t use any of the menus in Cubase.

I didn’t check to see if all was ok with BFD LM. So I can’t put the two incidents together.

Normally I check LM before starting the day. But after yesterday I just got stuck into the Cubase issue.

This morning - as if by magic. After the initial Cubase and opening of the BFD3 plugin/LM incident.

All is working fine.

The speed of this was really fast, and at least gives a little hope for the future with BFD3.


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I’m doing pretty good with my installs, too. We need a crisis. :stuck_out_tongue:

Be patient. There will be another, hopefully with the next update.

glad to hear

For a short moment there was success, but then…Gosh Oh No, Did not work. What a shame…

Yes, this happened to me before on Mac with the previous LM… Showed green under authorization result, but red in the status column. Updating to the latest LM fixed that for me. Maybe try reinstalling the LM?

Sorry you’re having troubles. It seems like there are way more issues on the Windows side from observing the posts here.

Thanks for the quick response,

but hey, come on…The problems with the LM latest version still being there, too. Already tried that route with the software propagated by the company´s website…
What if you work in professional terms struggling with auth like that, that you (proove me wrong, please) can´t control on your own…

I’m just saying, maybe re-installing the latest version may fix it. I had a problem with BFD3 itself before and re-installing sorted it.

It´s a win10 system, but whatever. Its a matter of a bit more maintaning the system side (i.e.VST folders). No big deal at all. I appreciate your help.

I already spent too much time on this. Lost a day, as drums are the last task to do on the project. I am planning my productions to my needs.
there is no reason, why offered downloads of the provider implying (?) safe working as can be functionality regarding at least a purchased product for professional application.

  • re- installation of LM gets you a lot of prompts saying that the LM has a newer version, which at the end is the offered download link in my account by a company, so there is non (or maybe somewhere else or pretty hidden)

  • re-installation of the software itself does not solve the auth problem incl third party cleanings etc.
    auth problems after trying the above mentioned ways with obviously official latest versioned items found in my account are not acceptable.

A sublime pronounced race for kind of latest versions itself has some attitude in any case to excuse the lack of basic functionality - just getting the thing to run - by a company´s side with no control for the user or “Client” at all.

The sound is great, so the artists and sound pros did a descent job, not to forget to differentiate here. I have highest respect and strive to complement this part of the show in my music production, no question

But depending on some office hours or such for my personal work in the digital era is a joke…


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Okay, I was wrong with my assessment. Even as I wrote my comment (you know, about how great life is now that BFD3 is perpetually licensed on my machine) I had noticed a little button next to my metal snares extension that said “license!” What could it mean?

I clicked that little mofo today and it led me down that all-too-familiar path toward logging out, then logging back in, then re-scanning my folders. Now my metal snares work.

But for how long? Join us tomorrow for another episode of Snares of Our Lives.

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Haha, nice. I told you, there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

20 characters of “Yeah, about that…”.

Still, for me I went almost 6 months without getting unauthorized and re-authorizing went fine, so not terrible. Not ideal either, but inMusic isn’t going to budge on this system, as per what Drew said, so either people have to put up with it, or leave are our options atm. Best-case scenario would be them realizing their authorization system/policy sucks, they start losing customers and finally come down to reality.

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