I can't start bfd3 because of SSE4.1 instruction

Hellow I recently bought bfd3. But i couldn’t play bfd3 because of SSE4.1 instruction
Below is the notice I face


Your cpu does not support SSE4.1 instructions.
BFD2 requires a minimum of SSE4.1 support to function correctly.

I’m sad that it didn’t work, even though I bought a bfd3.I looked for inquiries from people with the same phenomenon as me, but I couldn’t find a solution. Do I have to upgrade my cpu because of this? Please help me…

What are your system specs?

My cpu name is AMD Phenom 2 x6 1055T

That has SSE4a, not SSE4.1 (Intel). You might be outta luck. I don’t see any mention of support for older AMD chips in the BFD3 FAQ.

Yeah, sorry mate. That chip was launched in 2010 and is over 12 years old now. I’m afraid a new CPU is your only solution.

Here’s a cool utility to give you all the details on your CPU that will show which instruction sets are supported: CPU-Z

I’m using a Xeon cpu from around that era and it has SSE4.1.

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Nice, not surprised though. SSE instructions were developed by Intel, so their premium Xeon chips for workstations and servers would probably have gotten them first. The OP’s Phenom CPU is from Intel’s competitor AMD, so it took longer for them to incorporate each new version of the SSE set.