I am looking for nice hihats

Hi Fokls,

which expansion-pack is best for modern, small (hi-sounding) hats?


Not sure what else would make a hi-hat modern sounding, but you can apply Tuning to raise the pitch of any hi-hat in the Tech panel. Otherwise, the two Paiste HHs that comes with Oblivion sound high, bright and without a lot of ring if that sounds like what you’re looking for. The Sabian Vault has several good hi-hats but I’m not sure if you’d consider them modern. I don’t have Crush, Imperial, Sphere or The Black Album sets so don’t know if any of those might have something that’s a better fit. Might just want to browse through the respective expansion pages and listen to the sound files to see if you hear anything in particular you like.

I really like the core library’s Paiste Signature Hat. Little crispy sound, small and clear. Short sustain.
You can tune it from - 1 to + 1 easily to match your taste and the song.
I use it for modern rock song.

Otherwise as SF_Green mentionned, Oblivion’s Paiste Hi-hat is shaped for modern songs.
And the Zildjian or Sabian packs definitely have what you need.

But if you don’t’ want to spend for an expansion, try Paiste Signature from the core library.

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