Hugh Padgham Expansion Kit Not Loading

I purchased from a 3rd party Sonic Reality - Hugh Padgham kit and it’s not loading for me. I have opened license manager and it’s authorized. But I have BFD searching in the path where the files are located. What am I doing wrong?


Contact support or PM @BFD_Drew with your old serial number and ask them for a re3placement one.


I did do that. In the meantime I sent a support ticket for the other issue with the BFD2 sounds and this was the exchange.

Hello John,

Thanks for reaching out to BFD Support! I appreciate the opportunity to help!

Being as it is that BFD 1, 2, and Eco have been discontinued for a number of years, the content contained in their core libraries is no longer compatible with BFD 3.4 nor will it be with future renditions. This has allowed for a more advanced audio engine to be implemented, which will enable the developers to push this software into the future.

However, that being said, I would be happy to assist in getting you the compatible content from BFD 1, BFD 2, and/or BFD Eco in the form of El Dorado, The London Sessions , and Zildjian Digital Vaults Vol.1 respectively. Do you mind sending over the email address associated with your inMusic Account? As well as the FXpansion serial numbers for the corresponding software and your FXpansion Username so that we can double-check you are eligible for the free expansion(s).

At the moment there is an issue with the installation of Sonic Reality Expansions, if you don’t mind, can you send along the email associated with your inMusic account, the Hugh Padgham Serial, and your FXpansion user name to

I hope this is helpful! I look forward to your reply.

???Best Regards,

Alexander Smith

If you owned either BFD1, BFD2 and BFD Eco you’ll be entitled to Eldorado and/or London Sessions for free.

The BFD Eco library was essentially a smaller (less kits) version of the BFD2 libraries with less velocity layers.


I knew about the BFD Eco because I had it (cracked version) just trying it out. I got the London Sessions from BFD support. Still waiting on the Hugh Padgham Expansion Kit.


Sonic Reality expansions don’t seem to work due to licenses. I’ve emailed Sonic Reality as I want to purchase a few kits off them, but obviously can’t as they wouldn’t work.

SR replied to say thanks for letting them know, and that they’re now talking to InMusic.

Fingers crossed we hear something soon.