How to use BFD2 Content in BFD 3.4?

I realised just after uploading these kits that there never were any presets with the percussion expansion.
I lot of kits (and I use the word loosely) but no presets.

I just checked the original DVD’s and nothing there.


Edit. There were no presets included on the original DVD’s but there some in the latest version that’s available for download.

There’s only 4 of them but here’s a link to them on mediafire.


Thanks Steve, that’s a great help - I had a look at the BFD application folder to get a bit more insight and see that the Presets and Kits folders are there.

For some reason I can’t find the percussion kits anywhere so thanks for the upload.

All of the BFD2 Percussion grooves are present so I should be in business to get started!



After dropping the files you kindly uploaded into the kits folder they were still not showing - I then realized I needed to scan the C drive for any content - all was revealed including the 4 percussion presets and lost Kabuki & Noh kits etc.

Thanks for sending me up the right path (lame pun intended)


Wish I could get this system working.

Same here none of my BFD2 or 1 or percussion showing up.

Hello royarn

I got in touch with Drew and all is sorted!

If you read the following and send the relevant info drew will send you serials for the replacement packs you need. One thing I needed to do to get my presets and kits information was to scan the c drive as the data is stored with the program files and not with the audio and groove files that are on a different drive.


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BFD_DrewBFD Product Owner


Hey all!

Anyone who needs replacement serials for BFD1, BFD2, SP1, SP2, and ZP1, please private message me. I will need your:

  • FXpansion username
  • Product serial number(s)
  • inMusic Profile username

I’ll then get back to you with serial numbers. Apologize for the rather manual way of doing this, but it’s the best I’ve got right now!

Hi guys. New here, though I used to be on the original fxpansion forum years ago. I’m a professional recording/mix engineer and I use BFD a ton. I trigger it with my Zendrum, hence the username. ANyway, I need a few posts I think in order to be able to PM so have patience and ignore.

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post number two which has to be 20 characters long apparently…

You need to read a good few posts too. :slight_smile:


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Yes I did that too so I can PM now at least. Thanks

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I just “migrated” and I’m trying to get my BFD 1, 2, Deluxe, XFL, and Zildjian Digital Vaults ZP1 content working. Apparently I need to contact someone named @BFD_Drew, but I first need to “earn PM privileges”? I need help, Drew! Apparently you’re the only one who can help? Hopefully this post gets me closer to earning the privilege…

Hello, I am not yet able to PM Drew… Any moderator out there can help me? BTW, I see a lot of good thoughts and wishes for the BFD2 content but right now I am in a bind, Thanks, Barry

I’m just in the process of installing BFD3! I didn’t register BFD1 or 2 before (Got them over 10 years ago), would I still be able to get the new codes?

I also have the BFD Deluxe expansion pack, is there a code available for this? Waiting to get access granted to pm Drew but I didn’t see any reference to the older expansion packs (I think I have another one as well).

Yes @BFD_Drew should be able to issue you some although I’ve not seen him on here for a while so you might also want to try and let them know.

You’ll need to send them your existing serial numbers and log in details.


I am replying to try and get my chance to email Drew!

Does it work yet? (20 chars)

I sent an email to support as well but i think i have to make 5 posts here before i can PM Drew? these 5 posts hopefully wont annoy anyone if i do them on this thread. Sorry in advance!

Just keep doing it until it works. I assume BFD is good with it.

Time for another post. Still havent fired up BFD 3.4 yet. All installed but a bit hard with a 1 year old!