How to turn off solo

Somehow somewhere I switched on solo in the mixer window and now can’t turn it off. I’ve got a yellow ‘rude solo indicator’ next 'mini mixer.

Look under “Faders” or “Tweaks” and see if Solo has been turned on (Solo Box Checked) for anything…
The Solo Indicator at the bottom of the Channel will be Yellow…

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Also check on the tech panels


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I forgot to mention…
There are 2 Brightness’ of the Yellow…with the buttons being so small and screen size/resolution it may be hard to differentiate
1/2 lit = Solo Isolate…
Full Lit = 1 or more channels are currently soloed.

The Tech panel won’t light up the “Rude Solo” in Mini Mixer,it will light up the Solo Box in the Tweaks Panel,but not Faders Menu.
You can deactivate in Tweaks…and it will stay lit in Tech.If you deactivate in Tech , the Solo Box turns off in Tweaks…but remains on the Master Channel even the Master Solo shows “OFF” except it is 1/2 as bright.So it’s possible to have different things going on so be aware in case you are using any.

Solo Isolate function

Channels can be set to solo isolate mode, which means that they are always heard when soloing any other channel.
To put a channel into solo isolate mode, click its solo button while holding down the SHIFT key.
The solo button becomes ‘half-lit’, and is always heard along with any other soloed channel.

Rude Solo indicator

The mixer toolbar contains a Rude Solo indicator. It is always lit whenever 1 or more channels are currently soloed.
This indicator can be ALT-clicked to un-solo all channels currently in a hard solo state.


Thanks very much for your comprehensive. I’ll have a look tomorrow and let you know how I get on. :slight_smile: