How to load .bfd2 presets in BFD3.4

How do I open .bfd2 presets please?
BFD crashes when I try.
This means I am unable to open presets from 8BK (8 Bit Kit), BFD2, BFD User, JNF (Jazz & Funk), BFDBO libraries.
Thanks for any help

How are you loading them, do they show up in the browser or are you importing them?

Try turning off the mixer and groove buttons and see if they still crash.
If you still have BFD2 are they loading okay in that?

Can you upload some here to see if they crash, maybe we can see what’s going on in them


Thanks a lot for your reply.

I am loading them direct from the browser in BFD. Same result loading from file. They are in C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD2\System\Presets. I am just loading the kit without any other items. Don’t have BFD2 anymore. But they loaded in BDF3.3 without problems.

I have just discovered that if I load the expansion presets with the mixer in each case, they start to load but the kit piece loading sliders do not complete their upward paths. If I try to load BFD2 or BFD2 User presets, the process appears to complete but no kit pieces are loaded.


BFD3.4 sometimes crashes on me for this reason, too. More consistently, BFD3.4 loads the presets INCORRECTLY. I’ve reported both things. No one at BFD/inMusic/whatever seems to give a damn.