How to install old expansion kit?

How to install old expansion kit?
The installer is not working.

Nick Mason Kit for BFD2/3

That kit is eligible for migration from FXpansion to inMusic. If you haven’t already migrated, you can read about it here: FXpansion - BFD Migration to inMusic

The key is making sure both your FXpansion and inMusic accounts are using the same email address, otherwise it won’t work. After that, go to your Account Overview at FXpansion and you should see a Migrate BFD products tab.

When it’s done, all eligible products for migration will have been ported over to your inMusic account. You will then need to use the new License Manager from BFD Drums to authorize and install if applicable. Hope this helps.

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problem with that is the LM lists an update for 3rd party expansions but at least all mine have no download available so if you are to install/reinstall 3rd party expansions they will be the old installers unless inMusic makes new installers available in the future. but yes you will have to migrate the serial over to the inMusic account

Interesting. So you can still use the FXpansion data with the new serials? Which makes sense. I think I was just confused when Drew swapped for Eldorado and London, as I couldn’t use my original BFD1 + 2 data, but I wasn’t thinking that they are completely different libraries by name. I’ll edit my post above.

i was speaking of BFD 3rd party expansions and not expansions from Fxpansion and i was also talking about the actual installers supplied from those 3rd party vendors like Drum-Drops and Sonic Reality. my serials migrated over and the license manager claim there are updates v1.0.0 i think it is but the download button is greyed out and there is no update available so one has to install from the old installers one got from the vendor or one has to get installers from the 3rd party vendors if they are available from them.

once installed and authorized via the LM you will have to set their locations in the scan within BFD3 itself.

I managed to transition. Downloaded it from ezsounds - how to scan it it now? It recognizes only presets.

I downloaded it from ezsounds - how to scan it it now? It recognizes only presets.

Go into BFD3 preferences and manually add the path to that kit and scan?