How to download Erskine expansions?

Hi all - I recently purchased both of the Erskine expansions (kit+grooves) from Sweetwater, but I don’t know how to download them. My Sweetwater rep sent me over here, but I don’t see any download areas. Any tips here? I have serial numbers, but they aren’t accepted in the “Register New Product” drop-down under Product Registrations (the dialog seems to expect a serial number starting with “21” but the activation codes I got from Sweetwater start with “PVAC”). thx

Hey robrosen, welcome!

You aren’t supposed to register the serial over at your inmusic account. Use the License Manager instead. Once the serial is accepted, your Erskine will be listed in your list of products, and a download will also become available from within the License Manager. Once everything is up and running, you will see the expansion in your inMusic account without having to do anything else.

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