How to achieve a great clangy rock snare?

Hello everyone !

I’m adjusting my drums for a japanese rock oriented project (like your typical anime openings) and I love how japanese have clangy and ringy snares.

Here are exemples :

Unfortunately, I’m not that great when it goes to mixing stuff.

For a base, I thought of usic either the Mapex Black Panther Blade snare that has a nice starting ring on it, or the Ahead snare from the Modern Drummer expansion.

Here’s the sounds I managed to achieve :
Mapex snare :
Ahead snare :

The music I’m working on, with the ahead snare :

I want to have a bit more of the clangy sound without pushing it too far and erasing the transient. Writing this from work (oops), I don’t have screenshots of my settings but I’d love to have some help on that. I’d even buy a preset if someone can do marvels !!


Sounds to me like your focus is on compression to get aggression, while that works I think you should do more parallel distortion so you can keep your transients fairly civilized and still get the saturated definition by bringing in a properly distorted aux up in the mix.

In case you don’t know how to do that, just send the snare to an aux/fx bus and add your distortion on that instead of the main snare track.

Either way the clips you posted of what you got sound totally usable to me, it all comes down to how flexible that is in the full mix, if you’re losing transients or overloading your limiters with heavy peaks then you’ll lose a nice sounding snare, so breaking the processing into parallel auxes lets you manage the transient-less hefty distortion while keeping the snap you need for the listener to identify the snare.

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Use the 13x6 Mapleworks Snare in the BFD 3 Core Library…
BFD 3 KIT 6 …I believe Mapleworks Custom Snare 13 Brush SnOff…
Make sure it’s the Wires OFF…Brush Version…the ON/Stick version is not ringy…
My Database doesn’t has the Default names for the Kit Pieces so I have to check location…

Add/Set it up as Snare 2…then Link Snare 1 to it…
Try the Tama Bell Brass…Tempesta etc etc as Snare 1…until you find a combination you like.
Play a groove and adjust the Tuning for Snare 2 …

I attached a Custom kit Piece so you can place in the processed Drums Folders under Snares.
It will show up under BFD3 Drums Library at the Top of the Snares since it’s 13"

Unzip…copy/place into
C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System\Processed Drums\Snare
Rescan System Content Path…

13x6 MAPLEWORKS Custom - (43.4 KB)

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Hello and thanks for your answers, I didn’t expect that much.

Snplnm, I’ll definitely try what you said asap, it made sense to me. Right know I put distortion on the main snare ans the top snare channel. I’ll try to balance things.

Chaser, I got up from bed and wanted to try your processed snare before going to work but my BFD doesn’t recognize it… I don’t know why.

I even tried creating a processed file and replacing it with yours but it makes my bfd crash. Are you on the latest Build ?

I’ll try again tonight or try the combo snare you are suggesting

Your help matters so much !

It shouldn’t matter which version as long as BFD3…
However I double checked as I saved the Custom Kit Piece while in the Snare 2 slot so the Mixer slot may have caused it to crash…It crashed randomly.
I could load it on multiple Expansions/Presets and worked as it should…others it would crash BFD3…including reloading the same expansion/preset then adding the 2nd snare and processed kit piece…don’t know whats up with that , so just load the Default BFD3 Kit Piece in the 2nd Snare slot.

Another parallel aux thing you can try is exaggerating the ring and blending it in. Put an eq on the aux and find a couple resonances that are nice in the snare. Use a fairly narrow Q and boost the hell out of it, maybe 6-10dB. On either side of those boosts, you can do a slight cut, or just adjust your slope on the boost so that the edges of the boost are dipped a bit. Slap a compressor on there to extend the ring. Blend in to taste.

You can also try the SPL snare trick.

This video goes a little more in-depth with the process.

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On accentuating the ring: make sure you tune the snare so the fundamental is in key with your song.