How Do You Import Groove Monkee Midi?

Im in Pro Tools. I just got a Groove Monkee Demo. There are no instructions included, I found nothing on you tube.

It would be nice to import an entire song, but when I go to “import midi”( in Pro Tools ) i can only bring in one small piece at a time. Not good.

I think I saw a post where someone put the grooves in the BFD grooves folder ? How does that work ? Does it work ?


There should be a .pdf manual with the zip file for the Grooves. Here’s the BFD3 bit:

Our BFD2 files are 100% compatible with BFD3. They are in the “Other MIDI mappings” folder of your download.
Installing the BFD2 files into BFD3:

  1. Copy our BFD2 folder into your “Documents\FXpansion\BFD3\Grooves” folder
  2. Tools menu > ‘Set up content locations’
  3. Click ‘Rescan User Content Paths’

Video manual installation tutorial: Installing MIDI into BFD3 - YouTube

Note: the video above uses a slightly different method. BFD3 actually has more than one possible content location.

hey, got it working , thanks

Update: Im really enjoying Groove Monkey. Just bought my 4th pack of beats. Ive really wanted better drum fills in my beats, and theres a lot in there. Its a great tool.