How do I upgrade and install BFD 3 (PC)?

i have anAlesis Surge Mesh SE and they say I have to upgrade my version to BFD3 but can’t find any link to install it. Very frustrating. Pleae help. Cheers

What version of BFD do you currently have? If v1 or 2 through Fxpansion, you need to migrate your account from Fxpansion to BFD Drums/inMusic. There should be a migration link on your Fxpansion account profile page.You’ll need to make sure that your email address linked to your Fxpansion account is the same for the inMusic account for the migration to work.

I presume since I see you have the SE Kit that you are trying to install the BFD Player that was included with purchase?
Is the request for BFD3…or BFD3 License manager ?
The License Manager is required for both the BFD Player and BFD 3.

Do you have an older version of BFD already installed…BFD Eco…BFD1… BFD2…etc.
Did you register your kit under Alesis or InMusic?..
Alesis Kit users typically had/have an Alesis account…BFD3 users had/have a BFD Drums account…now you are required to have an InMusic Profile no matter what and the licensing info for anything purchased whether on the BFD Drums site or 3rd Party goes to that registered email address…It can get a little confusing.

Here is the link to create an InMusic profile…should be the 1st thing you do.

Here is the BFD Player Install Directions/Instructions.

Here are some additonal links…

BFD3 | Frequently Asked Questions

BFD3 Install Directions/Instructions.

How to Retrieve a License When Purchasing From BFDDrums.

If upgrading to BFD3 don’t forget you can use older version SN to get discount to $49

If you do have an older BFD Version installed you will need to go through the Migration process as posted by Fender_Bender