How do I transfer licenses from FXpansion?

How do I transfer licenses from FXpansion? I have a lot of the expansion packs as well, I tried getting in contact with inMusic today but haven’t had luck migrating my licenses over.

Log into your old FXpansion account. There should be a button there, where you tell them about your inMusic account. Your old licenses should then move over.

If you have an issue with that, then you’ll need someone at inMusic support to reply to your request. Generally, you’ll want to give them copies of your old license strings, so a screen shot of your old FXpansion license manager with that info.

Sweet. Thank you. I’m in the process of downloading but noticed the BFD2 (AKA London) Library isn’t there. Is there something I have to do to get that one as well?

Thanks again

You’ll need to download London and reinstall it once you get the new licenses.

FYI… To migrate, your FXpansion account email address has to match the one you created for inMusic for it to work.

I tried sending @BFD_Drew but have not had a response yet and tried InMusic and still no luck. Has anyone else had issues getting the London Session?

It’s been 5 months without a response? That’s not cool. They need to sort out a better way to address users that need replacement serials. Maybe try another DM? I got mine within 20 mins, but that was in the early days of the transition.

This is very silly.

Its fine to say that there are official channels to help people out but the amount of people who show up here having to ask the same questions again and again is just silly.

5 months. I’d be livid. Its not like this software is cheap.

BFD, hire someone who specialises in and likes doing customer service :slight_smile: Get that FAQ done. Drew has too many job titles, he’s great at them but a dedicated forum/customer service person is clearly needed.

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