How do I get a working serialnumber from @BFD_Drew?

I’m told that I need to contact @BFD_Drew to get a new working serial number, to replace my old serial numbers from FXPansion, but how do I get in contact with him?

Regards Stig

@Musicmind Once you have the required trust level, click on your profile icon/preferences/messages.


You must be joking!!!

@Musicmind This has nothing to do with BFD, or inMusic. This is how the Discourse forums function. It will take you all of 10 minutes to get the required trust level.

Fyi… this is not an official BFD forum with direct support to their products, rather a BFD user forum. However, Drew, one of the product owners does participate in this forum, so usually it is the speediest way to get replacement serials.

Alternatively, you can contact BFD support from their website if you don’t wish to contact on this forum.


Please visit Support : BFD Drums we can assist with this either via live Chat during business hours or a ticket.

Mine automatically transferred to inmusic I think