Hot to make BFD Player work in Cakewalk?

I downloaded it, then scanned every folder where BFD seemed likely to be, but it doesn’t show up in Cakewalk as a VSTi. Herp please?

Hi Jazzguitar and welcome to the BFD forums.

Do you mean it doesn’t show during the scan or in the Plug-in Manager?

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Living Room Rocker

Hi, BFD doesn’t show in the plug in manager after the scan. Neville

It sounds like it didn’t install into the cakewalk VST folder.

If you’re on windows you might a folder in C/Programs called Steinberg, or VstPlugins.
Have a look in those folder for a file called BFDPlayer.dll, or do a search for the file.

Once you find it, you can move it to C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\VstPlugins ad then do a vst scan in Cakewalk.


For future reference, always take note when installing VST’s of where the installer wants to install the .dll file. If it’s a VST you want to use within Cakewalk, you should point the installer to your cakewalk VST folder.

Also, instead of using the windows search, I’d strongly recommend using a great search tool called everything. It’s way better than windows search.

So you don’t see Player here?:

If not, then I would do as Steve says above. Otherwise, I second attempt at installing it again with Steve’s instructions to place it in the C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\VstPlugins folder.

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