Hihat variable articulation with TD11

After updating from BFD to recently (and 3.4.1 is downloading now…) I’m having trouble getting variable hihat articulation working properly with a Roland TD11K kit.

In BFD 3.2 I got the full range of open to closed hats sounding correctly, but in BFD 3.4 (with all the same settings for hihat controller and articulation) I only get from fully open to about 1/4 open, and no closed sound.

The TD11 module outputs CC4 values in the range 0 (fully open) to 90 (fully closed), so I’ve got the articulation “closed” threshold set to around 85. I started with the TD11 key map preset which has the closed threshold at 84.

In BFD 3.4 it feels like this threshold is not actually setting the closed point, but maybe the 1/4 open point (or the transition point between the two). No matter what I set for thresholds and other options, I can’t get the fully closed hihat sound. Has something changed with the articulation algorithm between these versions of BFD or is there some other new setting that I’m missing? There doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust the input range for the CC.

I compared with a MIDI controller keyboard using a controller know to generate the full 0-127 range for CC4, and the variable hihat works fine, so it seems that newer BFD versions do require the full CC range for correct articulation.

Not sure about the hat, but I have noticed that setting response curves produces very little effect on the sounds of kit pieces. Definitely something worth looking into and double checking it works as intended.

OK man first off you need to say what hats you use or it’s pure guesswork
my guess is cy 5 vh10 or vh11
First, check the TD11 is still set to one of them & midi cc 4 90 is on screen & you have selected the correct hat pedal in your settings.
local off if you have any latency.
Ok over to BFD Is the Roland TD11 mapping preset on? sorry to state all the obvious but things can get overlooked or get factory set to the wrong settings.
Now yes you would expect that with the correct preset mapping it should all work at least up to a point out of the box but it seems they did not think it worth checking the hats …
you may get lucky if you try the mapping presets for TD 8,10,15, or 20 as some actually work better than your specific module.
Sorry I can not help more we spent an age attempting to get the hats going and I don’t have my Roland kit anymore to cover this at any depth but hope you find something of use here or stumble upon a solution as It often feels like fixing a light fuse in the dark I know.
It’s a great drum VST but user friendly is not a word that would ever come to mind if nothing at all works pull out your cables to the hats and plug them in again as a last resort and I am not joking.
I know you want the hats to simply work as they do with the Roland module and to be honest the mapping and an intuitive manual should do this off the bat other drum VSTs seem to so why it does not work for some of us with older modules now is a great letdown. You can if all else fails is to download a trial of say Addictive or Ez just to check if the hats are still a problem that is what we did and never looked back.

I can confirm I have the same problem with TD11 and VH11 hats as described by Mattcro. Every version after has had this problem including the latest release. I had high hopes after doing the migration to 3.4 but the only answer seems to be to stay on until it is fixed.