Hihat articulation menu setting the wrong one

I’ve tried this on a couple of kits (BFD3 60s Pop PG and BFD3 70s Rock 1 PG) with the same results. It might be all kits but life’s too short.

  • Find or build a groove with hats and snare/kick.
  • Select a snare/kick event and try selecting various articulations. As expected, they all move the event to the correct lane.
  • Try the same with a hat. This time, from the third articulation on the list, it sets the articulation BELOW the one selected; the first two behave. This means it’s impossible to select the third articulation (1/8 Bell here).

It just seems to be the hats.

But I’ve also noticed that when migrating and event between kit pieces, slots display articulations - labelled unknown or somesuch - that they don’t have. Following on from above:

  • re-assign a Hat to, say, Crash 1 or Cymbal 1. It turns up in a lane marked ‘unknown’. Now try setting the articulations; it’s a bit unpredictable. For example, I couldn’t select Choke but then I could.


v3.4.5 build 28 gen

The only Expansion that has 1/8 Articulations is Dark Farm…and I don’t see a Bell.
So maybe a 1/8 Bell is down the road for it and the VRT or Crush Expansions
The BFD3 Core Library and most others have Bell Tip…for the HH.

Under View change to “Artics used in Groove”…when ALL is selected I remember seeing the 1/8 Bell is grayed out…when “Show Hi Hat 8ths” is selected ALL 1/8 Articulations are grayed out.

I haven’t checked the reassignments and “unknown” Lanes as I am away but I am sure someone will jump in as they are many that are more Proficient than I am with the Groove Editor.

I think Drew mentioned recently that BFD Crush also has the 1/8 hat articulation, but it was never added to the installer. Possibly a future update will add that functionality.