Hiccups, stuttering, and Freeze ups

I have been able to resolve most of the issues I experienced upon Migration. However, I’m still getting a bit of hiccupping, and freeze ups. I’ve documented my system and it should be fine. Is there anything else I can do to make this program run smooth again. My system is: Windows Professional 10 64bit. Core i7 2600 CPU at 3.4GHz. 12 GB of installed RAM. Graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GT530 Ver 391.35. latest driver. My Audio interface is a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 (1st gen) with the latest drivers. Sample rate set to 44100, Buffer size 192, What can I tweak that might help? Where should I look to rectify this “hiccupping and freezing”?

What DAW, or is it standalone, or both? SSD or HDD?

Your system should be able to cope but maybe if you have it loaded at full detail you could try lowering it in the preferences to medium or standard.

Maybe try raising your buffer settings in the asio profile.

I’m assuming though, nothing has changed and BFD3 was running smoothly prior to migration.


are you trying to mix or play in real time? if trying to play in real time you will need a small buffer but if you are just mixing… raise that sucker up. i set my buffer to 1024 and forget it unless i need to lower it to play keys or Heaven forbid a guitar amp sim. but i mostly plot midi these days

for the most part… running an old Ryzen 1600 with 32Gb RAM


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Both Standalone and as a plug-in with Cakewalk by bandlab. My hard rives are not solid state. But, I’ve never had these issues before.

Yes, Steve… Previously it all worked just fine. Yes, it took a moment or two to load kits but other than that it played just fine.

Hi All,

Forgive the delay in our responses at the moment. i’m glad to hear this has been resolved now. As such we plan to archive the post. However do create new threads if you continue to have any further issues like this. Kind Regards~