Hi guys, how do you guys make rolling cymbals with BFD3?

please teach me, thanks a lot

BFD3 comes with ‘cymbal swell’ which you can find in the ‘Model’ panel.

Here’s a useful video from Drew.



Wow ~ Thank you so much ~

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Is there the type of thing for snare rolls?

Drum roll please . . . . . . No.

The Rudiments panel on the groove editor page are your best bet for snare rolls, it helps if you can read drum notation.


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I 've always use the drag articulation (w. enough reiterations as needed, depending) for a buzz roll. Yer not likely to get a buzz roll from discrete single hits.-< changed my mind, got a real good one the other day, depends on the drum I suppose. A good LONG dramatic one too

This panel is extremely useful and really helps when programming grooves and in need of quick results, I have noticed on the latest release when I opened the panel that there is a red ‘x’ on the first flam rudiment, I thought it was a bug but once looking at a digram in the manual I see it’s there too.

I’ve never really paid much attention to this panel, have to say, it’s awesome.

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