Hertz Drums Software

Ran across another drums plugin that looks interesting:
Hertz Drums

Currently running a “Black Friday” sale.

Looks pretty basic, the problem I have with these types are that they sound over processed and extremely robotic, much like SSD drums and the others of this ilk. Like most of the modern metal productions in the last 15 years. I guess you can programme it to some level to make it sound more human, for me personally, still no where near BFD3.
Thanks for the share :slight_smile:

I think it’s great that there are options out there for people who just want to get some sort of ‘decent’ drum sound without doing much work, but then suffer sounding like a million other productions. I still have yet to come across anything that gives the level of control and manipulation that BFD3 offers.

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Just watched some of their tutorials, I think it’s great for people who want quick and easy drums, I also think it’s great that there are more companies making drum software, it’s really not that bad besides the things I mentioned previously. No matter how hard I try, it just sounds too processed and unrealistic to me. But hey for a decent price, I guess it’s great for bands/musicians with no drummer to get out of the gate with a fighting chance. It’s just so much like SSD to me?

Yeah I just got 8dio’s Advanced Drum Series for $20 each, really good value for the amount of sampling. Sure it doesn’t have all the whizz bang features of BFD, but at least it works and I know Kontakt isn’t going to stop working after 90 days and that I can actually get support from 8dio and NI, unlike inMusic.

Still haven’t explored MODO Drums yet by IK Multimedia. Sadly it looks like Toontrack are sticking to their SD3 never being on sale - occasionaly you get it with some expansions included, but never reduced price. Guess they know the value of it (and why BFD appears at $49).

MODO is ok, but nothing special compared to the others that have been mentioned. A downside is that I cannot play the ride bows, as they are not specified by any midi input. I hope IK multimedia will change this.

@deangersmith I think most drum samplers are ok, none of them sounds overly mechanic to me, but I think this is provided that you play them yourself. When you do that, you inevitably add a human factor to them.

The way in which they differ in sound may even be of use when you create a different type of song, or when you want to give a different feel to it. I sometimes play the first edit with SD, then eventually end with AD or SSD. Hopefully, BFD can be added to the list again.

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Totally, sometimes I mix a couple of them together when messing around, creates an interesting feel to some pieces of music, I think they all pretty much have their good points to some extent. I know I say this a hell of a lot, but BFD3 gives me absolute control over every aspect of the kit, and coupled with Cubase Pro, that control magnifies even more. I really am a drum software addict, even though my primary instrument is guitar, in my early years I started out as a drummer for 4 or 5 years, then moved to guitar.

I have a good few pieces of drum software and sometimes buy them just because they are cheap, and like you stated [quote=“pleudpniem, post:5, topic:3910”]
The way in which they differ in sound may even be of use when you create a different type of song
[/quote] I agree with that. I’ve used almost all of them, and own a good few too. But hardly ever used them because BFD3 just does it for me. I don’t have the luxury of playing drums in my apartment, even electronic ones, it’s a no go. So progging is my thing for now. I do give the kits a good bashing when I rent rehearsal spaces though :slight_smile:

Just stumbled across this, seems okayish, but watch when he selects the kit pieces which are apparently mic’d up differently, I swear I can’t hear any difference. lol

They advertise is as the worlds most realistic drum library:

There’s lots going on out there with drumming software, I hope BFD4 has some major developments. Not sure who did it first but I see they have a function like BFD3 with drummer/audience view. Interesting.

@deangersmith Drew posted this collab between Alesis and BFD on the Facebook group recently. It showcases a streamlined/lite version of BFD with an all new GUI. A taste of what’s to come for BFD4.


Nice, thanks for the link, interface looking pretty smart, really looking forward to some major developments. I wonder what the transition of previously purchased expansions is going to entail? It looks smooth for one thing. If that is going to be the look and feel of it, I already am starting to miss the current GUI lol. I love it. Funky Johnson sounds awesome, glad to see quality hasn’t been compromised there.
Some really good features in there. <3

Yeah, I don’t understand this obsession with having this glitzed out drum kit for the GUI. Like, how long are you going to stare at your screen and say, Wow… that drum kit looks so cool. I mean it kinda sounds like shit, but at least it looks realistic. As long as BFD3 continues to function decently, I’ll be fine with it. I’ve got more drums then I need anyways.

But it’s probably a smart move for them to move this direction with a more eye-pleasing interface, if they want to attract new users. And if they can implement a mode switch for simple and advanced GUI & options, BFD4 might take the reigns again.

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That’s a great idea for the GUI mode, the GUI as it is for me right now is amazing, but loads of people want bells & whistles with regards to looks, I care less for that shit, which is one of the reasons I love BFD3 as compared to all the other shiny looking rubbish out there, not every ones cup of tea so it seems.

I hope they keep some of the GUI like it is now for an advanced mode as you have said.

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Did you notice the title in the SW said ‘BFD Player’?

Looks like this is just a special edition for the Alesis collab. My guess is BFD4 may have some similar elements, but be completely different. Though, what they may do instead of having an on/off easy/advanced mode, is just have 2 separate products in one. The full version with all the tweak-ability & FX and a simplified player for those who just want to easily play with an eKit, or get some quick grooves going a la EZD.

If they’re (inMusic) smart, they will bundle the two together, but given how they operate, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and sell two distinct products to maximize profit.

InMusic + smart = oxymoron

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