Help Needed! Can't Download Expansions

So, trying to download some expansions I got lately aaaand… it downloads for a while, then just stops midway through and won’t do anything. Tried pausing and starting again- nothing. Downloading and installing the latest version of BFD LM-- nada. Am on Windows 10, 64 bit (is there even a 32 bit W10? Never mind), help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Are you using a VPN? If so, turn it off and try again.

Just X-out the download from the LM, but don’t delete the already downloaded content. Quit the LM, open again and click download for the expansion. It will scan the files already downloaded and resume. Follow the same process if it gets stuck again. This has happened to me with a few expansions. Eventually it will finish with a proper installer file.

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Thanks! This eventually worked.

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I´ve been having this problem for months, and no one can tell me why. It originally took me several tries to download BFD 3 before it finally worked. I don´t understand this, because I have a very fast internet connection, and a fast 2020 iMac computer. But, I finally got it downloaded, and everything was working. I was then offered a free Expansion, and chose Horse Power. That downloaded rather quickly, and worked as well. Then, because I had been a previous owner of BFD 2, they gave me a license, and link to download “The London Sessions”. That took forever to download, and after it was installed nothing worked, so I had to delete, and trash everything, and start over again. Since then I haven´t been able to download BFD 3, or any of the expansions. I had recorded a CD using the BFD 3 sounds, but the client hadn´t decided on what drum kit for what song he liked, then all the sounds were gone. I did a 22 city tour of Germany after that, but when I got back I bought Toontracks Superior 3, and also bought the extra SSD with all of the sounds on it, just in case I had the same problem with downloading them. They downloaded fine in about 30-40 minutes, and they are ten times larger than the 37,9 GB of BFD 3. But I kept the SSD drive in case of any emergencies in the future. I then gave my client 7 drum kits to chose from for each song, because of the 2 month wait. He was very happy. I´ve talked to BFD support many times, and know one can tell me why LM continues to stop every time I try to download. I´ve offered to buy an SSD disk with the BFD sounds, or maybe they could give me another place to download from, because it´s not working. They say that no one else has this problem.