Help for a newbie

Hi All

New User here so please be gentle

I have just installed the latest BFD with the assumption I could use it as a virtual instrument in ProTools however it doesnt seem to be present in my plug in instuments

I’m on an M1 mac and running PT artist under Rosetta

Have I missed the point ?>!?

Rookie error - Sorted now using the correct track settings!


Welcome @SteveFabulous. Glad you were able to quickly sort out your issue.

Are you able to change BFD3 Presets from within the plugin’s Preset browser, whilst running inside Pro Tools? I had recently reported a bug on my end in PT 2021.6/macOS Mojave, when trying to load any presets causes a hang in PT.

Yes I can change presets and largely navigate the whole gamut via PT plug in

It feels a bit laggy / glitchy with grooves loading on a second click / refresh but generally working well enough not to be too frustrating.

Running under Rosetta wrapper with Ventura 13.2.1. Not tried native yet

Ok, thanks for letting me know. Must be something unique with my setup that’s causing my crashes.