HELP ! ! Flatten Performance ? Consilidate ? HELP !!

Hey, Ive come across some old midi tracks where, where 1 bass drum hit should be, there’s multiple hits. All over the track, hits are tripled, doubled, fukt.

Ive been going through and deleting these over layered hits, so much that my hands and brain hurt. Im wondering if theres is a magic button somewhere to flatten this out. To clean up this mess.

Im worried that my BFD drummer is trying to hit 4 bass drums where 1 should be and the sound quality is suffering. Any ideas ?

Not sure it will hlep, but have you tried using a different mapping? Were the tracks originslly programmed with BFD?

Are the hits exactly on top of one another? If you select the top most hit, does it leave the ones underneath unselected? If so, you could try selecting all the notes manually and copy & paste to a new MIDI track and save.

In Reaper there is a really cool midi filter function in the midi editor, that allows you to filter out hits based on note, velocity, etc.

I’ve been using that to delete dodgy mistriggers and double hits from an e-kit. Maybe take a look at that?

interesting. these songs are really old. ive come a long way with drum programming, and mixing. So, Im going back to update my greatest hits.

I basically build loops and arrange them into a song.

I built shitty loops and built shitty song programs. I have found like 3 snare hits stacked on top of each other, and much more.

my concern is, does that somehow confuse or affect BFD’s performance ?

I have been manually deleting this stuff and its a lot of work.

I will try your suggestion, thank you.