Hello, I installed JNF. But I can't see the presets and kits.

Hello, I installed JNF.
But I can’t see the presets and kits.

Go to the contents tab and click the ‘Add BFD2 data paths’ and then rescan.

If that doesn’t work check to see if any of the individual kit pieces show up in the drums tab?

Did you run the ‘installer’ after you downloaded it?
It’s a common mistake that people just download it and don’t realise that it’s an executable file that needs to be run.

I’m in the middle of decorating my house and won’t have access to my desktop for a while otherwise I could send you the presets.
If you or someone else can give you names of some of those presets you could do a search for them to see where they are installed and either move them or point BFD3 to them.


Thank you!!
Thank you!!

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I have the same problem. I see the individual pieces but no presets neither in the presets nor in the kits.


Hi. Identical issue here. Did anyone find a fix? Thx.

So you added the BFD2 paths and nothing happened?


That’s correct, adding BFD2 paths didn’t solve the issue. However, I think I since solved my issue and it was my fault.

I assumed that when changing computers I could just download a fresh copy of BFD to the new Mac and change the content paths to the 200Gb of expansion pack library content I already had downloaded to an external disk, so I don’t have to download it all again. i.e. I didn’t install the expansion libraries on the new machine.

Installing them properly seems to have worked (so far). However it seems absurd to me that I now have to download 200Gb of content I already have sitting on a drive. If there’s a better way would welcome advice.

Thanks for the response.

Update - while installing one pack did show the presets and kits, I installed a second and had the initial problem again, no presets and kits visible in browser. So back to square one and lost again, Any help appreciated.