Heavy - Just as a matter of interest

Just downloaded the Heavy expansion pack.

Only a 1.3gb download.

I only have included the said kicks and toms - but no snare or other kit pieces.

Now I’m quite sure the expansion pack states that - the pack includes Yamaha recording custom and birch custom absolute kit -

Anyone any ideas as I’m sure the download should be at least 5gb+


My download directory for Heavy is about the same, but the whole thing is 4.88GB once installed. The files in the download are .bfdca, and the files in the install are .wav. So, I’m assuming .bfdca is a BFD compressed archive file. So it would seem they expand it when doing the install. Why they didn’t just use bfdlac in the first place is beyond me, but anyway, that’s how they did it.

And yeah, other than the lite bonus snare, Heavy is just kicks and toms.

[edit:] And, after running the BFDLAC tool, the final size is only 1.6GB. There’s a conference preso on BFDLAC somewhere on the interwebs, and it explains that something like 33% of all BFD drum data is 0’s. There are other aspects of multi-channel drum data that can be taken advantage of, which is what makes BFDLAC so effective. It’s a much more efficient format, and really, if you still have .wav data, you should be converting it to .bfdlac.

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Thanks Kafka.

Much appreciated.

I have no lite bonus snare.

I only got it really because of the kits (still good kit pieces).

I’ll have to look out for the kit expansion paths.

I’m only purchasing whilst offers are on (and I’m a bit under the weather).


The snare is a lite version of the Jimmy Chamberlin snare in Yamaha Signature Snares vol 2. Sig snares sounds really fantastic.

I don’t have it.

The folder is 1.48gb in size (Installed)

All my bfd samples are BFDLAC.

BFD browser is behaving a little odd at the minute, and I can’t find the time to check it all out.


Do you still have an account on the old fxpansion site?

I can still log into mine and just checked under my Registered Products and the bonus snare is there.
It needs to be ported over to the new BFD site or somehow added to the download.
I’m guessing you downloaded it via the licence manager?

I’m guessing the Heavy kit won’t be the only kit that had bonus content that has been lost on the new site.

This needs to be brought to @BFD_Drew attention as it surely as to be a mistake. :thinking:



Hi Steve.

I’ve only just purchased these so there will be nothing in the old fxpansion account.

I can still log into the account as it has all my Geist stuff.

As for other missing pieces - yes pieces are missing.

I purchased quite a few expansion packs last night and it would seem kit pieces, or bonus pieces are missing.

I haven’t checked them all with being very ill at present and it’s not passing.

Just spending time building up bfd stuff while I can’t get things done properly.


Hi Murt

I uploaded the bonus snare to my mediafire account, I don’t think it needs to be licensed as it’s a free addition so I’m hoping you’ll be able to install it okay.
I installed it into my BFD Heavy folder where it created it’s own folder.

Here’s the link


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Hi Steve.

Thanks for that.

Took ages to download. I now have to try and transfer it to the old studio computer, that should be fun?

I think, but not sure, I purchased either six or eight expansion packs last night. All installed ok, but I haven’t had a chance to go through them all. Some, at a quick glance, are not correct in the browser (possibly tags)

I also got the Dunnett Ti, but there is no kit tag - only tags for the individual kit pieces, so I’m goin’ to have a look at building the kit and saving the kit file later today (all being well).

I also got the snares vol1 and 2 so I think the full kit piece used in heavy is in one of those packs.


Two suggestions for getting kits and presets, 1st is to make sure you click the, ‘Add BFD2 Paths’ on the contents page.

If that doesn’t work, find the downloaded executable file and extract it using 7zip or WinRar and go to the folder that says, Installer then the Payload folder and then the System folder, in the system folder you’ll find any kits, presets and grooves that shipped with it.

You can then manually move them to the default BFD3 folder which is, C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System.

There is a catch in that sometimes if they are BFD2 presets you might have to import them using the BFD3 import function under ‘File’ and then either try and batch import or import them on at a time.

It’s a faff but I’ve had to do it quite a few times with old BFD1 stuff.


Hi Steve.

It’s installed (bonus heavy snare), I’ve re scanned bfd3 to the install location and it doesn’t show up in bfd (anywhere)

I’ve uninstalled it and re installed it to the audio folder of Heavy - it’s there but won’t open in bfd.

I’ll have a proper look over the weekend. But with the state of my computer I’m not sure if it’s worth messing with until I finally get the new build.


The old lite snare wasn’t free. It was licensed as part of FXpansion’s distribution of Heavy. It won’t work with BFD3.4 at all. I’m pretty sure it would need a new distribution and license to work with BFD3.4, similar to BFD1 or BFD2 content.

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So it wasn’t really a bonus at all then?

I didn’t have Heavy installed on my laptop so I downloaded it and confirmed the bonus snare wasn’t included so logged into my fxpansion account and got it there.
The licence manager didn’t show up when I scanned it so I assumed it was most probably free.


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Never mind Steve.

Most things in life are not free.

I’ve got the snares 1 and 2 packs so at least I have it.


There are no bonuses in life, just deferred expectations.

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