Has BFD CRUSH been on sale for less than $39? Also, 18% discount code

Just curious if anyone remembers if BFD CRUSH has been on sale for lower than $39 previously. I feel like I’ve seen it for $29 before, but not sure?

So here’s what you have to do to get an 18% off coupon code that can be used on BFD products. This is assuming you already have a Facebook account. If not, it might not be worth the hassle.

First, join this FB Group: The FX Chain Deals | Audio Plugins, Virtual Instruments & DAWs

Then go to their website on Facebook here: The FX Chain
DM them from that page, which will open Messenger and ask them for the coupon code for joining their FB Group. They will send you a time-sensitive coupon code that can be used on any of their products they sell, including BFD.

You can view and buy their BFD products (or anything else) here from their commerce website:

This is an affiliate link from r/audioproductiondeals who does great work on Reddit for us music producers. To view all of the BFD products, just click on BFD in the navigation bar.

Seems like a bit of work, but if you already are on Facebook, it’s really very simple. It’s too bad there aren’t more expansions on sale at the moment, but I suppose you could wait until later to see if the sale expands and you could get the code then. Anyways, hope this is useful for you guys.

For me, if CRUSH hasn’t been lower than this, I’ll probably grab that. I like that it has some stacked cymbals and the shells sound pretty good too. If not, then BFD Heavy would be my next choice. I already have my code, so I’m going to have to use it soon.