Has anyone run BFD3 in Linux using WINE?

Hi there, I have run BFD 2 for a few years now in Linux via the WINE software. It runs very well. After doing software updates to my Linux operating system I have sometimes had to re-authorize my BFD 2 license, but last week I ran out of authorizations. I emailed the support desk, but was told that BFD 2 is no longer supported by the license manager, and that my only path forward was an upgrade to BFD v3.4.

What I would like to know is has anyone tried to install BFD 3 in a Linux system using WINE? If you have what was your experience like? Iā€™m surprised and a bit frustrated at the response from the support desk as there is no guarantee that BFD 3.x will work under WINE, but I can attest to BFD 2.x running flawlessly so it would be preferable to keep using BFD 2 - however if someone has managed to get BFD 3.x working then I could justify laying down the coin for the upgrade.

TIA for your answers.
Chris, New Zealand.