GUI: Lag when meters, kit pieces, etc are on screen

  1. Use Cubase’s Stationary Cursor to make this easier to see.
  2. Zoom in quite a bit, so that the screen scrolls past the cursor in a brisk pace when you play back the project.
  3. Load an instance of BFD and any preset, have the plug-in’s interface on-screen, remain on BFD’s kit page, in faders.
  4. Have Cubase play, so that BFD also plays. Notice the choppy scrolling.
  5. Change to BFD’s groove editor page. Notice how the problem vanishes.
  6. Return to the key map page, notice how the problem returns.
  7. Enter BFD’s preferences, notice how the problem vanishes.

Are the meters at fault here?

I’ve got this same issue when open certain Waves plugins… maybe only Studiorack… and maybe only because I’m connected to a Soundgrid server… but Cubase lags, choppy cursor, choppy response when moving faders. It’s tolerable, but unpleasant. I also experienced this when opening a certain page inside of EastWest’s Play. There’s some graphics issue where the interface that’s open seems to lock up more than its fair share of power, or GPU processing time, causing other things on the screen to become choppy.


Yep. I’m sure there are other plug-ins that do this, for me it’s only BFD at the moment. I don’t remember where I read this information, but some people were guessing that this behaviour might be caused because of the way a plug-in uses openGL. Now, I don’t have the slightest idea what this means, but I thought I’d bring this issue over here and let BFD’s guys see if there’s anything to do about it.

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yea, one time I disabled openGL inside of Soothe or Soothe2 to fix a similar issue… Or heck, maybe I enabled it to fix the issue… I’m glad the option was there to do that… I didn’t have to do it on a different computer, though, a newer one… so maybe it’s an issue only with older graphics cards… or drivers… Here’s to hoping for a resolution.

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I’ve forgotten to mention that I’m on an nVidia 1060 3gb card with up to date drivers. But I can’t decide if this behaviour started recently, or if it’s something that was always there but I hadn’t noticed… :thinking:

Update: This also happens in standalone, so Cubase is irrelevant here.

  1. Open BFD3 in standalone.
  2. Go to Tools → Show Preferences
  3. Grab BFD’s window bar and move the window around and around. Take note of how smooth the movement is.
  4. Close Preferences.
  5. Load any preset, (and any groove if needed), press play.
  6. Be on the “Kit” Page.
  7. While BFD is playing, grab BFD’s window bar and move the window again. Take note of how the movement is not at all smooth any more.

Go back between Preferences and the Kit view to compare if needed.