Grooves when auditioning presets

Just curious - when loading a preset - there are grooves that are loaded - I guess for auditioning the presets - just out of curiosity - where is this groove loaded from.


There are stock grooves that come with BFD3 and then there are those that sometimes (but not always) ship with the expansion kits.


Presets can contain/store groove palettes and tracks, whether that be those included with expansions, or user saved presets. Usually the title of the grooves, or author will give you a hint as to what groove library they belong to.

Edit: However, I should mention that groove palettes that are imbedded into presets do not actually need to have a groove library where they originate from. They can exist solely within a preset.

What’s cool, is that you can take any preset that has grooves in it, that does not come from any particular expansion library and save those grooves so that they do appear in the grooves pane.

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