**Groove Editor** in VST development?

Will there be a BFD3 Groove Editor in VST development?

Can you explain a bit more, there is a groove editor, or am I misunderstanding?


If you mean having a groove editor as a dedicated VST, no I don’t think so. Not at this point. The groove editor is pretty heavily entwined with the rest of the engine, and I’m not sure it would make sense as a standalone product.

Our current efforts are BFD3.4.5 M1 support, BFD Player, and BFD4.


Will you manage to have BFD 4 out before Steinberg shits the bed with VST 2.4?

Yes, I meant Groove Editor as a single VST. It can be universal and connected to other VSTs. The BFD3 connects to other VSTs, a drum map is selected, and the Groove Editor can be used, but wastes resources.

Thanks for the reply. Groove Editor has good functions. Maybe someday it will happen.) I have not seen drum editors in VST, but I think it would be useful

That is a good question. Ideally we add VST3 support to BFD3.4 as one of the last quality of life updates, and that is my wish.


That would be truly spectacular.

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I think this really needs to happen, given that Steinberg has pulled the plug on VST 2. Besides all the practical reasons, it would help reestablish BFD as a serious brand that looks after it’s customers. I think your management should realize the value in that after all the issues with the transition from Roli/FXpansion.

I use an RME Fireface 800 as my interface still. It’s a great interface with superb drivers. But more than that the level of long term support RME has provided is what distinguishes them from their competitors. The Fireface 800 was introduced in 2004. We got a driver update in 2019! Fifteen years after it was introduced, they provided rock-solid updated drivers. Guess how that makes us feel as their customers? Guess what that does for RME’s reputation? That’s the kind of thing the bean counters just don’t get, but makes a company a major player in their industry, and one that their customers trust.


Well BFD3 was released in 2013… and it’s now 2023… so I don’t think it’s going to be an issue, but I will post more when I know for certain.


Captain Obvious here! You really need to avoid a gap in VST3 compatibility. If you push BFD 4 on time, all’s well, no one can really blame you. Want vst3 support? Here, BFD4, pay up. But… if you can’t make it in time, AND BFD3 stays at vst2.4 AND daws drop vst2, you’ll have to endure another round of abuse from people that either don’t want to use a 3rd party plug-in that allows vst2 within it, or can’t read the fine print, or just want to pick fights.