Get back to Zidjin pack

Hi -

I have the Digital Vault Z-Pack A Series. I own BFD 2 but long ago switched over to SSD 5 by Slate.

I haven’t used the Z-Pack in years, but I’d like to get it working. I’d really like to have more nice cymbals available for client tracks. Is that possible without running BFD 3?


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I don’t know if you can get BFD2 running on Catalina but if you can then I would have thought you’d be able to use the digital-vault pack.

Were you never tempted by the upgrade path to BFD3?
There was a demo on the old fxpansion site but I don’t think it available on the new BFD Drums site.

You can still get it as a BFD2 owner and OMG!!, I just checked on the BFD Drums site and am shocked to see you can upgrade from BFD2 to BFD3 for £49.99, an 85% discount which is phenomenal.

So maybe now would be the time to upgrade as I doubt you’ll get it for that price for some time.


thnX for the heads up Steve, but I’m fully loaded up for drum stuff. I just wanted to once again use the cymbal pack I bought. if I can that is… the pack came with the scaled down BFD player, which would probably be what I need. too bad it’s not available in a Kontakt format, like most things like this are…