[FUTURE FIX] BFD3 and expansions becoming de-authorized randomly

And this is where I’d be. I’m looking at having three computers with a registered copy here at home, and I’m not going to go thru 9 re-authorisations a month, and thats without buying any more kits! Currently, if I buy more kits, this will be in double figures! :smiley:

I added a smiley but now thinking about it, I’m just getting annoyed at the very concept all over again.

Its a bug, definitely, but its being brought about by the root concept of the LM checking up on us once a month, and currently, it seems to want to check every single installation of expansions. As its been going on since its inception, and as its never going to stop any cracked usage, it seems the best way would be to stop checking every single month. Its a ridiculous time frame to have chosen.

EDIT: And it also means I STILL cant use this version of BFD in ANY projects.


One month is too short. Once every two months would be the bare minimum for me, AND:

  • Each time an expansion needs authorization, it should authorize itself automatically.
  • When this happens, the user needn’t do anything if they’re connected to the internet. It should just authorize behind the scenes, maybe a “Performing maintenance…” message to explain what’s going on. If the user is not currently online, the message we’re getting now should appear.
  • After x (expansions owned) cycles, all products will re-authorize simultaneously, unless the user has manually de-authorized/authorized a new product.

I agree, tho if I’ve already been authorised, and if I’m offline when it wants to re-authorise (why any of this should be happening is dumb, at most it should be happening when a new version is being installed only) I should get a message and not be stopped from using the software, as the only reason it could be checking for re-authorisation is if I’ve already been authorised, meaning its redundant to have to do it again.

Its a bizarre set of choices and I’m definitely at a point of total frustration, to the point where I’m just not going to use it until the next version comes out, and then I’m giving it a month. If it happens all over again, I still wont be able to commit to use the current version in projects, at which point I’ll just be left wondering why I have it installed at all.

I can hold out till its resolved, but this is a really sad situation.

EDIT: If I log in to check for updates, thats the time to check I’m a legit user.

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Yep, I don’t think there’s a single user of BFD happy with how things currently work. The software has become “monthly online”, or “monthly offline” depending on how you look at it. There’s no real off-line mode in the traditional sense. Just 30 days of off-line usage and then the program expires. (That would be an awesome demo by the way :grin: )

I don’t know if the scope of the software is fully grasped by the powers that be. THE number 1 characteristic people are looking for is reliability. Starting your DAW and not knowing if BFD will work is not indicative of such a trait. Neither is having to go through a checklist before your gig with a red entry “Authorize BFD”. If we were talking about a pack of beatz priced at 15 euros or a multiplayer subscription game, maaaaybe I could justify this authorization process. But for a 300 euro flagship instrument… no. That’s not how it goes. Either you issue a dongle and let people carry it to the top of a mountain (that even Steinberg abandons btw - the dongle, not the mountain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) or you realize that your legitimate clients need portability, reliability, and the least amount of maintenance and you act accordingly.


Well that hits the nail on the head :smiley: We’re all using a demo :innocent:

A very expensive demo :innocent:

EDIT: @Clive @BFD_Drew I’m really sorry, I’m not trying to stoke the fire or anything, but really… This isnt a good concept and the most positive thing I can do is urge you to rethink it. I want BFD to be the best in the industry, and as a piece of software I really think it is, certainly in terms of sound quality, it definitely seems to be, to me. It just seems like madness to be shooting yourselves in the foot like this.

Especially seeing as I cant currently commit to using it in any projects personally, and I’m left not being able to recommend BFD. And I LOVE BFD. Please listen to your customers and consider the response you’re getting from this.


Definitely a reauth and time sync problem that they’ve built in. That’s why my 3 post-migration kits are on a different schedule than the kits I’ve migrated. I’m coming up on my 30 days for those kits, so I’ll be looking at my calendar to see what happens.

It’s really not a very smart scheme, and pretty amateurish on top of it. It’s pretty obvious what the limitations are. I’m not aware of any software company that has invented something like this. It doesn’t make sense that BFD would come up with something like this on their own, given that there are other working copy protection schemes out there.

I have to say that if this isn’t a new chapter for BFD where the product actually improves, instead of the neglect we’ve seen over the past several, even I will have to cut bait and move on.


I’ve now got everything re installed on a brand new machine (Windows)

I was putting off installing bfd on this new machine. But took the plunge.

All went well - I now have it all set up and working (?)

One thing I find is that all the cymbal sounds seem crushed as to what they were on the other older pc - That in it’s self is not a problem - it’s just a matter of reducing the crush. Then again it could be the new computer ( or an age thing with the hearing side of things).

From the old pc to the new machine - License manager seems to be wanting to re authorise my packs in a time like fashion - that is to say - they all seem to want to re authorise about once a month in a manner from the time of purchase - it does not seem to be random - I could be wrong.

All this has been tried in stand alone only - it does run in cubase, once everything is re linked. Though I haven’t as yet tried it all off line.

One thing I will say is - With all the teething problems at present with bfd - It sounds bloody great once again - hope I’ve not spoke too soon on that.



Good for you, isn’t it nice when things just work! Did you authorize all your stuff on the same date? It would be worth it to check out what happens in a month.

Since you mentioned Cubase, I would advise that you save each project’s kit manually. (Unless you make it a habit to launch the license manager and check for deauthorized products first, and then launch Cubase and open your projects.)



On the new computer Everything was authorised on install - so - Yes it will be interesting to see how long it takes and what pops up in re authorisation - as and when that happens.

I save all my kit and presets on my audio drive separate from the program and leave all bfd kit and presets where they are - all linked in content location.

So far I’ve encountered no problem - but I fully expect there to be one at some point - through new drives and drive letters - but most are re linked on installation anyway.

The last album just completed had to be done with Superior Drummer.

I wanted to use bfd3 but sadly it was showing too many problems and faults to be able to continue with.

I’m lucky - in the sense of - I’m a song writer and I only use these tools for what really is in my case demo purposes.

It’s been a very frustrating few years with bfd and the fxpansion/roli and god knows what else situation. Lets hope that’s all being left behind.

I can only say to those who are experiencing bfd frustrations - if you can - and it doesn’t cost you too much - hold on in there if you can.

I’m still fully aware that I will have problems for a while with the bfd software - I hope in the end it will be worth the shite incurred for a bloody good piece of software.


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Ive calmed down now :smiley: And yes, BFD is well worth the wait for the fixes that will hopefully come :slight_smile:

Nothing sounds as good as BFD.



Oooooooooooooooooooooooh yes. The air has been blue here as well.

I’m still bloody annoyed at the situation.

To see a company being held together by what I can only describe as enthusiasts and better testers and users is fantastic - I wish them, us, and all nothing bet good.

But then again I don’t belong to this box ticking cancel culture - I just love the art of song writing and music making - irrespective of style and message - something sadly lacking these days - but money talks. And we ain’t got none. We just produce things for the love of it while others are earmarked to make a fortune from it.



BFD is great software, but the licensing system has never been great. It is pretty awful right now though. Hopeful that it will be fixed in good time!


I’m pretty livid, actually. this worked for a long time. today, due to the thing checking up, much of my day is down the tubes chasing this crap down. Now, I have reverted to 3.4.1 and the licensing system does not work at all. It’s just banging my head against a wall… 3.4.2 created serious instability in VE Pro, which is reall intolerable, so I’m between a rock and a hard place with this thing. inMusic is RUINOUS.

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Can we get some feedback on this situation please.

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Hey all. We’re looking into this. Please watch this space. Until then, you can re-launch License Manager and re-authorize everything and you should be back up and running. If not, please contact support.

I’ll post when I know more.


Just checked the license manager. 7 out of 10 expansions de-authorized again. The other 3 will likely go within a week or so.

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We’re keeping our fingers crossed, Drew, and hoping for the best. I got past the License Manage issue that started this thread, but now the only kits the BFD program will recognize is the BFD Core Library - not any of the Expansion Packs - and all are loaded in the same external drive. I also have the issue of multiple versions of Presets and Kits showing up in the explorer. While the quality of the samples is market leading, the planning and execution on the computer side is a mess. There must be a simpler way. If Steven Slate can do it, you guys ought to be able to.

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Hi There,

How can I get some help with claiming the free expansion pack? Each time I try to use the code, it gives and error.

Need some help.

Please see my post in this and another thread:

Checked again today and the other 3 expansions had de-authorized.