Free Expansion Kit

I was trying to receive the free Expansion Kit and was not able. The clic coupon button is missing from my products page. HELP?

Have you contacted support?

Or PM’d @BFD_Drew?


Thanks :metal: for the links Steve. I just sent them my problem. Fingers crossed.

Do you have the coupon number though? If you do, all you have to do is buy the expansion, and then enter the coupon code at the last minute.

To make it even more clear, you’ll click on the expansion you want, it will get into your cart, it will say that you need to pay 70 - 80 - 100 - what-have-you dollars. You will proceed to checkout, enter the coupon code, which will strike this amount out and make it 0 $. When you finalize your transaction, you will get the auth codes in the mail.

That’s how I did it back then in the summer, I don’t know if the shop has changed by now.

Forgive me if I am misunderstanding, is this the same a registering a new product on Inmusic site? Because that site only accepts a serial number and when purchasing a new product online that serial is not accepted? Again, forgive me if I am misunderstanding the process?

The serial number you get in the mail is supposed to go in the License Manager. Then, it will authorize the product and give you the downloads. Me personally, I never had to manually register a product at my inmusic account. I just activate them in the License Manager and then they show up at my account automatically.

Thanks, ok sorry I was misunderstanding it, I meant for the Personalized offers - Register your product to unlock offers. On the Inmusic my registered products page. Serials starting with (21)? I take it that is not for when purchasing a new expansion pack etc?

I don’t know. The only serials I have starting with 21 are AKAI hardware, that list their offers directly underneath.

This is what it looks like,
Processing: Capture.PNG…

SO was wondering what product they are on about,

Thanks for the reply anyway :slight_smile:

It could be an AKAI MPD218, or an MPK Mk3 Mini. I have both of these and both start with (21). These are physical, hardware MIDI controllers, that you register, and then you have access to their downloadable content, be it freebies, drivers or additional software from your account page. They also make offers and discounts to expansions or upgrades. I don’t think any of this is related to BFD. BFD’s expansions just show up there, but neither the downloads, nor additional information, sales or offers show up there.

Thanks, makes sense, reson I was curious becasue I seem to remember doing something similar when fxpansion migrated over to Inmusic and a free expansion pack was offered to everyone. Maybe I am losing the plot, many thanks for the replies.

It’s confusing as that ‘register new product’ button is directly above all my BFD products. As you can see in this screengrab:
So I guess if I had other products (not BFD) they would also show up there.