For BFD4 It would be super swell to have better reverbs

It would be super swell to have better reverbs in BFD4

I’m guessing all the FX in BFD4 will be a big step up from the current ones. Aside from the verbs and maximizer, the FX in BFD3 aren’t all that bad really. I think the saturation and clippers are pretty good and there’s a wide selection to choose from.

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most of the fx are pretty good imo, i use them now and again because I mainly use the DAW fx and 3rd party purchases, but for someone without those BFD3’s fx are really good.

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The effects in BFD3 are pretty good, they use good algorithms, maybe you are more used to a specific type of reverb or plugin, but the native effects are good.
Anyway, there are thousands of third party effects to choose from if something doesn’t satisfy, although I’m sure if BFD4 arrives it will have a thorough overhaul of all its elements… Now, I personally prefer that the developers focus on improving the software itself, based on what it is, a virtual drum kit, not a multi-effects and even I find it redundant to waste a lot of time offering a larger spectrum than what they currently have. What BFD really needs is to achieve consistency in the various recording methods used in the different libraries, so that issues such as volume, the ability to integrate with other elements, the acoustic treatment of the room, etc. have a more polished sound, without giving up the “raw” character that BFD drums have… But I do think that this aspect is something that Toontrack should imitate, because it is very easy to find in BFD huge differences with the volumes of different samples.

Another aspect that I would like them to work on, and I say this from the point of view of a simple listener, but the BFD drums, although for me, are the ones that have a more detailed and sampled sound, there is something that costs a lot to sound bombastic (without being outrageous) even with the semi-produced presets, when you listen to EZdrummer, Superior Drummer, SSD2, Mixwave, etc… there is something, I don’t know if it’s in the way the ambient mics are captured, that makes these drums sound “rounder”, “warmer” I think it’s partly due to those two main aspects; Ambient sound and production… The final results with BFD are incredible, but it takes time to achieve a cohesive sound and this makes the plugin is not very welcome for more amateur people or looking for an acceptable result in minutes, which skews the market possibilities of the plugin, it is a very “geeky” plugin for “sound nerds” and I LOVE that, the power to have thousands of options, to integrate modeling with sampling to control the sound. … but I repeat, they lose a good share of the market, they need more attractive presets, but I think there is also a problem to improve in the way the environment is captured to make it sound better.

Seriously, is there really work being done on a BFD4? Or is this just wishful thinking from our community? I’m skeptical. It would be more reassuring if InMusic made some kind of statement about their intentions.

I look at it this way. BFD3 is amazing! If they went under today we’d still have the best drum application on the planet IMHO. I’d use it as long as the OS would support it. I am hoping that InMusic treats it seriously. If they’re just a bunch of suits I would be worried. You need to have the dream to keep this app alive.

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That all depends on whether they ceased the 90 day authorization scheme if they went under. Eventually, BFD3 will need to call home and if their servers are no more, then your shit out of luck.

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Personally, I do most of my processing during mixdown using 3rd party vsts; so fairly dry when tracking.
This is why I avoid most of the other drum apps. I originally came to BFD 1 because I could get a believable result. Over time Fxpansion made it into a killer app for me personally.

I understand that for many, having a mix ready track out of the box would be beneficial; going forward. I just prefer any fx to be an optional inclusion.

My reverb generally needs to sit in a sympathetic environment to the rest of the mix (special fx excepted)

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