Follow Midi option in channel view

I haven’t used BFD for quite a while …mainly because it’s been basically unusable ! …so I’d forgotten where some of the options were.

Been working with it today and spent an hour (! - literally - !) looking for the follow midi option for kit pieces (not key mapping)

There is no mention of it in either the web manual or pdf. Web searches gave nothing. Nothing in the Groove3 videos. I knew it existed because I had it switched on - which is annoying whilst mixing.

Anyway - it’s in the bottom of the “view” menu on the channel mixer - page 48 in the PDF…although in the PDF picture it doesn’t exist. It allows follow midi for channels and kit piece selection.

Posting here in case it helps anyone - and because if I forget again then a search for Follow Midi will lead me back here :slight_smile:

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What does it even do?


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I’ve just been puzzling over this with the track I’m working on and think I’ve just sussed it. It cycles thru the selected mixer tracks/kit pieces as it detects them being hit by midi notes. So if Reaper hits a kick, the mixer, kit peice selector and the associated tech/model options panel switch to the kick, just like if you were selecting each kit piece manually with a mouse click.

^^^ yes - exactly

it’s great when your setting up the kit or even when running in standalone mode - but not all all useful when actually playing a ‘performance’ by either DAW or groove

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